M1x Keyboard

Easy To Use And Ergonomic

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66% Ortholinear keyboard

Standard keyboards are not made for humans. Split keyboards are really nice for ergonomics, but have a steep learning curve. Ortholinear keyboard gives your both - ergonomics and an easy start. You'll get up to speed in few days.

Mechanical Hot-Swap

Mechanical keyboards have this distinct feel. When ordering M1x you can pick your favorite switches. And if you want, you can later customize it with any MX compatible switches to match your personal taste for sound and feel.


Our keyboards have a powerfull programmable chip and can be fully customized by QMK firmware. If you don't like our keymap or just want to play around, you're good to go.


Our keyboards are made to keep your desk in style. No cheap plastics. We built them from single piece machined aluminium and 304 stainless steel. Keep your desk clean and stylish.

Mac First

We're all Mac users at DayOne and we want 1st class experience on our machines. So our keyboards are designed for Mac, but we also have Windows and Linux covered.

Delivered in style

We know, that great experience starts when you receive your keyboard. That's why we are not packing our awesome looking keyboards in grey carton boxes. Expect it to arrive in packing you'll want to keep.

Available - Spring 2022

M1x is not in sales yet. We're still woring on it. Leave us your email, so we can let you know when it's ready.